According to the most recent school accountability results released by The Louisiana Department of Education, Anacoco Elementary earned the highest score in the parish and the only school in Vernon Parish to achieve a four-star status. Anacoco Elementary also led the parish in each of four subgroup comparisons reported in the state Subgroup Performance Scores. The four subgroups are: Ethnicity, English Proficiency, Poverty, and Education Type (students with and without disabilities.) The State of Louisiana rates public schools from zero- to-five stars based on several indicators including student attendance, student test scores, school growth from year to year, and closing the achievement gap for high-risk sub-groups within a school. Earning a four-star position is truly a monumental achievement.

Anacoco Elementary is a top performer when comparing all public schools in the state. According to the 2005 - 2006 Accountability Summary Results published by the Louisiana Department of Education, only 24 schools of the 1,127 public schools in the state, or less than three percent (3%) of all schools, achieved a four-star rating. Additionally,  four schools achieved the top ranking of five stars; however, all four are magnet schools. (Magnet schools offer enticing education programs centered on particular disciplines, but also have very competitive entrance policies, admitting only higher achieving students.) Fifty-two percent (52%) of the twenty-five, top-ranked Louisiana schools are magnet schools.

Anacoco Elementary has also earned national honors. In 2003, The United States Department of Education, in partnership with the National Association of State Title I Coordinators of Compensatory Education, identified Anacoco Elementary as one of the leading schools in the state of Louisiana meeting the criteria for demonstrating the most progress toward the goal that all students achieve the state standards of academic excellence and in closing the achievement gap among all groups in the school. This national joint venture program monitors Title I schools and recognizes the ones ensuring that all children have access to effective instructional strategies and challenging academic content, regardless of academic, social, or economic status. Anacoco Elementary was recognized as a school demonstrating the most progress in closing the achievement gap for students of poverty in the state of Louisiana, as almost half the student population fell within poverty guidelines. Most recently, the spring 2006  Subgroup Performance Scores reported by the state of Louisiana show that Anacoco Elementary led the parish in Growth Performance Scores of both poverty level students and students with disabilities.

Sustained, continuous growth does not happen by accident: Teachers and paraprofessionals at Anacoco Elementary recognized the challenge set before the educational system with the passage of the federal No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 and began to plan accordingly by voluntarily engaging in intensive professional development, and sharing beneficial information with one another, displaying an attitude of genuine teamwork. The administration and faculty at Anacoco Elementary is dedicated to providing an enriched educational environment for all students, encouraging independent, higher order thinking skills, and tailoring education to meet the needs of the individual child. By providing a cohesive effort within a nurturing atmosphere, the faculty and staff at Anacoco Elementary have proven anything is possible, but more importantly, have enabled their students to believe so as well.